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Letters to the editor, May 1

Here we go again

Regarding Justin officials seek input [DRC, April 5]: Here we go again with the parks. You can tell it’s election time once again.

Yes, Justin has five parks — two are neighborhood parks, one is a ball field complex park, one is a small roadside picnic park and one is the City Hall park. The amount budgeted for maintenance this year for these five parks is $208,000. And, yes, that is a lot for a city this size.

Come on, you got your parks and you want activities to justify spending so much money on said parks. Surveys can be helpful, unless it’s the same subject with the same people answering the same subject questions.

I would like to know when life became more about entertainment rather than necessity.

What about other areas of concern for the residents? Give us a survey about what we think is important, like ancient water and sewer lines in old town, the library, seniors and so many other areas of necessity.

Diversity makes a community, spread the love and the money.

To hear what people want you have to actually listen, that way as elected officials you don't have to be mind readers.

Barbara Pitts,



Vote for Stafford

Charles Stafford has my enthusiastic support in his a candidacy for DISD school board.

I know that he believes that every student in the DISD has the right to an excellent education. I also know that, in his past service on the board, he has shown a rare ability to accomplish this in the most cost-effective way. He is a thoughtful steward of our resources.

He is a dedicated, honest and intelligent man who is committed to our community. We are fortunate to have such an excellent candidate for the DISD board I am pleased to give him my strongest endorsement.

David Shrader,