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Letters to the editor, May 3

Vote for Carroll

I am finally excited about the City Council election. Year in and year out we have seen our City Council vote unanimously on issue after issue. I stopped attending council meetings some years ago, save a few litigious issues, for that very reason. There was no real discussion or debate, just order after order.

I am excited to have learned this year’s District 3 candidate, Brendan Carroll, will look to create meaningful dialogue with his fellow council members to make sure the best solution is reached.

He is also focused on ensuring our city government is more transparent and encourages us to be involved so we can all collaboratively help Denton grow in a sustainable way. Engage Denton is a great start, but I think this candidate will keep us moving in that direction.

In all my years as a Denton resident, this is the only candidate who I have experienced actually walking streets and talking to people in his district. We need to restart the dialogue in our City Council.

I am voting for Brendan Carroll because we desperately need the diversity of thought to keep our city growing toward its awesome potential.

Shaureece Park,


Dirty politics

What constitutes a political hate crime? Does it have to be something big or can it be something small?

This past week, right here in Justin, there was an incident that in my opinion was very much a politically motivated hate crime against a candidate for the office of mayor. That candidate is Diane Rasor.

She was quoted in a Denton Record-Chronicle article April 17 as having a campaign budget of less than $500. So, what more effective way to display their hatred toward her than to cut down, pull up, destroy and steal her campaign signs?

We all know “politics” have a reputation for being ugly, but come on.

Also, to the woman who had the little girl doing the snatching, shame on you for what you are teaching that child.

Barbara Pitts,


Carroll best choice

I got to know Brendan Carroll as a man who lived up the street from me before he became a candidate for City Council District 3, and he was everything you look for in a neighbor: friendly, quiet and willing to give assistance, as he demonstrated by feeding my pets when I went out of town and providing me with rides during a recent illness.

During the debates he demonstrated the problem-solving skills he will bring to the City Council office. Instead of offering prepared, general answers to issues asked of him, he first explained that he approaches all such situations by treating each case individually and measuring its pros and cons before arriving at a solution without bias.

From discussions I’ve had with him, I know that he has the strength to make up his own mind and not be pressured by outside forces.

He is a private businessman and has family members with businesses in Denton and the surrounding areas, as well as two daughters in school here, so he has a solid stake in the community and its future.

I firmly believe that if we elect Brendan Carroll to the City Council for District 3, he will represent the city and the residents with integrity and intelligence.

Robbie Robison,


Vote for Stafford

I write in support of Charles Stafford for Denton school board. Mr. Stafford is a true champion of public education, having served for 15 years on the school board (three terms as its president), and a member of the board of directors for the Texas Association of School Boards.

He travels to Austin frequently to argue for a fair level of funding to support high-quality education and success for public school children, regardless of their backgrounds. Let’s keep a well-networked, honest and experienced person working for our children. Re-elect Mr. Stafford to the Denton school board.

Paula Woolworth,
Shady Shores


Stafford for school board

We support Charles Stafford in the election for school board for many reasons.

He served previously with distinction demonstrating his effectiveness on the board. His contacts in Austin and his experience on the issues are both critical now and in future long-range planning given the national and state educational economic environment. He is extremely knowledgeable concerning educational issues.

He raised all his children in Denton. Charles has dedicated volunteer hours to the Denton community on many nonprofit boards such as Children’s Advocacy Center and Denton Animal Shelter Foundation Inc. He is a well-respected community leader who is willing to continue serving and sharing his expertise.

And from direct experience, Charles is an excellent person to have on any board. Denton needs Charles Stafford.

Bette and Bob Sherman,


Vote for Hawkins

Denton is a great place to live and a major reason is our effective and caring City Council. With early voting now under way, let’s keep Denton an incredible city by taking the time to vote for responsible and caring candidates. For District 4, that means a vote for Joey Hawkins.

Not only is Joey a local businessman, caring family man, active volunteer and true supporter of Denton, but also Joey is mature and experienced enough to be a responsible and logical person yet young enough to have tremendous energy and enthusiasm for all that he undertakes.

Joey is a people person who truly cares about Denton and its residents. Please join us in voting for Joey Hawkins.

John and Joy Siegmund,