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Letters to the editor, May 5

Prayers and hope

Our hopes and prayers go out to my brethren of Czechoslovakian descent in West. May God be with you and your families during this time of loss. (Matthew 5: 4-12) I hope there will an avenue to give funds to those in need there.

Our prayers also go out to the folks in Boston, who recently suffered an attack by radical Islamic terrorists.

I hope our government and media will stop ignoring this problem and take real steps to protect the American people and the country’s future.

Eric Mach,

America unites

After running 26 miles in one of the world’s major marathons, one would expect to be greeted by family and friends as they congratulate them on such an amazing feat. However, this year some runners were greeted by bombs. The Boston Marathon bombings will go down in history as one of the most gruesome acts of terror in U.S. history.

However, history proves that whenever a major act of terrorism occurs, America unites and builds a stronger bond. As a Muslim-American, I condemn the acts in Boston and pray for the victims and their families who were involved in this heinous act.

As President Obama stated in his address following the attacks, we must give the perpetrators the justice they deserve.

Ahmed Malik,

Out of gas

Cousin Gomer from Mayberry called and bragged about how well the traffic is moving on our West University Drive since the city/state removed some of the concrete curb and median monsters.

You know Gomer’s car had a tangle with one of the monsters in front awhile back and it cost him a $200 repair bill.

Gomer laughed about the lack of interest by our officials to complete the modernization of West University Drive by saying it looks like they ran out of gas.

Tillman E. Uland,