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Letters to the editor, May 9

Outstanding event

A recent evening saw a tremendous three-hour gathering of people to honor the Air Force ROTC students at Guyer High School.

The banquet was arranged and supervised by Lt. Col. J. Blake Fentress and Chief Master Sgt. Christopher Davis, the Air Force ROTC instructors at Guyer.

There were 315 parents, students and guests attending the banquet and 18 people were the presenters of multiple ribbons and related honors to the students who are enrolled in the ROTC program at Guyer.

There was great food and a variety of refreshments and drinks so that all attendees were comfortable and happy while the presentation was taking place.

Some of the presenters were military retirees and one was 93 years old and another was 92 and both had served in the U.S. military during the World War II time as well as others from the Vietnam and other war periods.

The guests learned about the great performance as well as the subjects taught. Announcements were made outlining specific ribbons, recognitions and honors received by the students.

There were several students who earned large amounts of money related to their scholarship to various universities.

All of those present were extremely surprised by this great award to the students, and the parents were more than happy.

This was a truly outstanding event and everyone was very happy to become aware of this great service available to students in all of the high schools in Denton.

Bob Treadaway,