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Letters to the editor, May 10

Stealing the future

What President Washington would not accept when offered, Obama has usurped — the making of the “Imperial Presidency” of the U.S.

Due to liberal bias or just ignorance, most don’t know or understand his actions. From his shadow government through the un-ratified “czars,” to consistent actions to circumvent the Constitution, he chisels away. Obama has even tried to get the power to appoint the heads of religious institutions, but was recently halted.

You might expect that I would blame the Democrats for our country being dismantled, and they hold a sizeable blame, but Republicans are also guilty. Too many of them are too cowardly to bring this government to a halt in order to save it. As long as they secure their next election, our future is of little concern to them. Unfortunately, most Democrats in office are determined to make us the next socialist state.

Our country cannot survive many more years of this printing-money-to-spend-it routine.

The world is taking action even if you are not aware. The U.S. dollar is on a fast track to be removed as the world currency exchange. Most of the major industrialized nations have or are replacing it. Once that is done, we can no longer print money to buy what we want.

The Obama budget cuts nothing except a minor Consumer Price Index change and at the end of his term, we will need $750 billion just to pay the interest on our debt annually. We will be the generation that steals the future from our children.

Hyme Solomon,