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Letters to the editor, May 12

Top-flight photos

Photographer Al Key’s “Swallow Solution” three photos in the April 30 Denton Record-Chronicle for me are the pinnacle of his nature and wildlife photos that we have been enjoying for several years. We are fortunate to have his work in your publication.

Al, you have set the bar pretty high. I can’t wait for your photos that will top this one.

Bill Neu,



Why more laws?

Why is it that anti-gun people are so set on passing more anti-gun laws but do little or nothing about enforcing the ones already in effect?

The only reasons I can think are that they: really just want to take them away from everyone; and want mainly to control people, not only guns.

Crooks of every stripe pay only enough attention to laws to know what to avoid doing openly so that the law-abiding “sheep” will not bother them or call the law on them.

Joe V. Ratliff,