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Letters to the editor, May 15

NRA strikes again

In past weeks, I have written several letters to the Denton Record-Chronicle pointing out those National Rifle Association policies ingrained in laws across the country that are useful to criminals and others who would do harm to Americans, thereby making us less safe.

In typical fashion, many local right-wingers have accused me of being a communist, a Nazi, a traitor and more. Well, the National Rifle Association, with help from right-wing politicians, has struck again.

Last year the NRA helped write, then pushed for the passage of Louisiana’s new fundamental rights constitutional amendment.

This amendment requires judges to review gun-control legislation using strict scrutiny, the most stringent standard of judicial review.

What that means is that due to this NRA harebrained idea, a New Orleans judge has ruled Louisiana’s law that forbids felons from owning firearms infringes on their rights to own a gun as guaranteed by the state’s newly amended constitution.

Thanks to the NRA (an armed criminal’s best friend), convicted felons in Louisiana can now purchase their choice of killing machines.

At some point Americans will say, “Enough of this.”

Until that day, the voices of reason and sanity will not quit speaking out.

Gary Ardis,
Oak Point