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Letters to the editor, May 16

Poverty wins

Bubba called. Said Jim Stodola [DRC, 3-24] musta gotten ahold of some really bad Easter grass. Some of the events Old Jim mentioned happened when Bubba was a preschooler. Don’t think Bubba was into “letter to the editor” back then.

Bubba had updated material for the low-information voter: Donald Trump said America has lost its mojo with 90 million Americans no longer in the workforce and 8.8 million Americans on disability; some estimate that 20 percent of American children live in poverty and 50 million Americans on food stamps — twice the number as when Obama came into office; Jay Leno said that illegal immigrants are just undocumented Democrats; there are 679 overlapping government renewable energy programs; 37 million Americans owe $1 trillion in student loans (what happened to putting yourself through college?); and the U.S. has spent $15 trillion on poverty programs since the 1960s.

Looks like Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty has been won by poverty and the American taxpayers lost, yet again.

Rush Limbaugh reported on the uncovering of a different type of home schooling: welfare parents teaching their kids how to “game” the system to get food stamps, free cellphones (cost $2.2 billion in 2012), public housing, a monthly government assistance check or welfare debit card, with no work involved, etc. — a life lived on welfare payments.

This welfare schooling is really working as generation after generation on government welfare programs have made little if any progress to self-supporting lives. What a waste of potential.

Alice Gore,