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Letters to the editor, May 17

Price we pay

Joshua A. Woolley’s diatribe [DRC, May 6] assailing the Denton school district’s superintendent appears to be less about what he feels is “the failing vestiges of an antiquated system” and more about his enthusiastic support for voucher schools, or as he referenced them, “free-market educational alternatives.”

He has the audacity to claim, as a newcomer to Texas, that our schools are broken and that voucher schools are the new hope for our youth.

What he fails to convey is that those free-market educational alternatives are not free and would likely cost more than the price we are now paying to educate our kids through local school taxes. They also would exclude kids with special needs.

I understand his objection to having to pay these taxes while not availing himself of the services offered his family, but this is a choice he makes. If he finds that the DISD is not up to his standards, then he should be willing, like other concerned parents, to get involved and make sure that all necessary funding to provide quality education is not compromised by the ideological viewpoints of our elected officials.

We all pay these school taxes, even those of us whose kids have graduated from them and moved on. It’s the price we pay to ensure that not just an advantaged few get that “general diffusion of knowledge … essential to the preservation of the liberties and rights of the people” as you quoted from Texas’ founders.

Larry Beck,