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Letters to the editor, May 18

Scream all you want

For decades, we have been preached to that the United States must one day be “energy independent.” Approaching that date, major plans abound to export much of our natural gas in the form of liquid (LNG).

Excuses abound that we have more than we need, that companies can get more bang for the buck overseas, the free market and all that. And “all that” may be true for the moment.

Estimates are, by experts in the energy field, that our oil supply may last another 50 years. Experts estimate that our natural gas may last 100 years. With more gadgets to fuel and population explosions, all they can do is estimate.

Now, you and I will have passed away by then. But one day your grandkids or great-grandkids will be on their knees praying to the “energy god” for more fuel, and it probably won’t be dropped like manna.

Let the powers export our natural resource, but if you care about your grandkids, make the powers pay. “Departure taxes” are not new. They have been imposed when certain items have left our state or country. Let the market reign, but impose departure taxes to support our state, balance budgets and support energy research.

Scream all you want to about free enterprise. When we’re all fracked out, and half our natural gas has been exported, one day you’ll wake up saying, “Holy Saint Catfish, what have we done?”

Oh, by the way, I do invest in the oil and gas industry.

Jim Stodola,