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Letters to the editor, May 19


Have you ever wondered, in this time with Islamic terrorists killing Americans and seeking more soft targets, why are Dems and their useful idiots trying to restrict Americans from legal gun purchases and further weaken immigration laws?

“Yuri Bezmenov,” an ex-KGB agent who defected to the USA years ago, explains how leftist propaganda and ideals have been injected into the media and educational system for “decades.”

Bezmenov and other defectors have stated that this indoctrination has four stages: demoralization, destabilization, crisis and normalization.

The effect of demoralization explains how many schools and media outlets are now saturated with anti-Americanism and now tend to always blame America, even when the USA is battered by jihadists. It explains why the left refuses to address crimes by radical Islam, adore the imbeciles in the “occupy movement” and don’t care about Americans killed in “Fast and Furious” or Benghazi.

This is why the abhorred left distresses over the tea party movement. All the different tea party meetings that I have been to open with prayer, discuss the need for adherence to the U.S. Constitution and citizen participation.

The leftists fear a growing movement where people are grounded in sound principles and not swayed by political jargon. So they vituperate the tea party, as John Garner did in his letter on April 15.

The fact is, certain people have allowed themselves to be completely indoctrinated and demoralized and will continue to rebuff any thoughts of nation security, patriotism or personal pride.

Eric Mach,