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Letters to the editor, May 22

Put up a big sign

I often read editorials and articles bemoaning people’s lack of civic pride when it comes to voting in Denton. Although I was in the same precinct, I have voted at a church, a recreational center and the fairgrounds.

Tired of playing voting roulette, I settled on early voting as the solution.

For years, I went to the city offices and voted. One year, with no fanfare, early voting moved to a site on Carroll Street. This year, when I got back into town from work early enough to vote, it was obvious that it had moved.

I meant to look up where, but missed out (hopefully, it will stay at the same site for a while so I can figure out where it is since it’s not on a main street).

To add to my frustration, I received a letter weeks ago telling me my precinct had changed and I would need to go there to vote and a new card would be forthcoming. No mention of the precinct number. Voting came and went and, no card.

Denton politicians, I want you to know that I’m not stupid and will probably figure out where to vote, but I become frustrated with the good old boys who share all political offices and run this town.

Open up and make it easier to vote. Put a big sign up when you move early voting so I can do my civic duty and try to get some new blood into your gene pool.

Danna Zoltner,