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Letters to the editor, May 23

Something amiss

This is old news by now, but it’s still a burr under my saddle.

The high school student in Duncanville, who went on a rant recently in class while one of his friends recorded it on a smartphone, claimed to be interested in learning.

OK, perhaps the teacher is lazy. Perhaps the teacher only shows up for a paycheck.

And I agree that the teachers I had in high school and college who made class interesting were more popular.

What I don’t get is why the teacher was suspended and the student, who at best was disrespectful, is praised for his antics — and I do believe they were antics.

Also, who says that every class has to be exciting? Sometimes, education is just hard work.

The student will find that out when he’s out flipping burgers or mowing lawns to make ends meet.

If I had gone on that sort of disrespectful rampage — back in the day — I would have had a yard stick applied to my backside and then had a good dose of hickory tea added to it when I got home, and Saturday night would have been a boring event at home.

And I would have apologized to the teacher.

Something is amiss here.

Ronald Smith,