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Letters to the editor, May 24

More slippery

When Bill Clinton was president, it was said he must have Teflon skin — things like the “blue dress” episode seemed to slide off, not even leaving a smudge. But the current president seems to have been given something even more slippery than President Clinton’s.

Things like the doubling of the debt since he took office; “Fast and Furious” where federal agencies allowed — perhaps dictated — that automatic weapons be allowed to cross the border, and then those weapons ultimately killed at least one American — a border patrol officer; Benghazi where at least four Americans — including the ambassador — were murdered while the onslaught was being watched in real time in Washington, purportedly for more than seven hours; snubbing Margaret Thatcher’s funeral; the Internal Revenue Service as a punitive tool; and Solyndra — roll off like water from a newly waxed Mustang.

Larry Jambor,