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Letters to the editor, May 26

Stop the waste

Some feel that our tremendous national debt is created with the battles to save our nation, i.e., Iraq and Afghanistan.

We are now facing other problems: the nuclear problem with Iran and mass murder of citizens in Syria.

Will we become involved? Not unless it creates a chance to destroy our freedom. North Korea could be placed in this same situation.

More problems are: large national debt, how and why did it grow into the trillions of dollars; welfare to create votes for Obama; massive vacations by Obama; special vacations by Michelle Obama and the constant golf trips by Obama; food stamps for potential voters; and free cellphones.

This is the real reason our national debt has grown so rapidly, not the war-eager Republicans. I am proud to say that I, a former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot, have spent 22 years defending our nation with my final year in Vietnam.

During this period, we did not have a wasteful president who donated millions of dollars to our enemies. It is time to think about our future and stop the waste we have seen over the past six years.

Ray Roberts,