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Letters to the editor, May 27

Vote out politicians

Congressional House leader John Boehner comments how his Republican-led Congress is helping middle America. Congress under Boehner has worked 51 of the 138 days this year. His salary at $223,500/51 equals an average of $4,372 a day, yet they call others free loaders.

Congress has tried to repeal ObamaCare and failed 39 times. Texas has more than 6.3 million uninsured, but Gov. Perry has rejected government health care, which would be subsidized in full by the federal government.

Texans — remember the 2014 election with more than 6 million uninsured — make sure you register now and get out and vote to replace your current Republican representatives.

Texas Republican leaders do not care about the majority of uninsured people; they have their own government-run health plan that you pay for. Yes, government health care is bad for you, but not for congressional leaders.

Boehner talks about creating jobs, but under his leadership, Congress has not taken one vote on a jobs bill to help put people to work building roads and rebuild bridges. Republicans also voted against a minimum wage increase. I wonder how loud people would scream if they could not go out to eat, if all service industries stopped working for a period of time.

Phil De Giulio,