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Letters to the editor, May 29

Political jargon

It’s good to see a right-wing rabble rouser show his incompetence as does Eric Mach in his propaganda-plus missive [DRC, May 19].

First, we have the Mach statement and I quote: “Have you ever wondered, in this time with Islamic terrorists killing Americans and seeking more soft targets, why are Dems and their useful idiots trying to restrict Americans from legal gun purchases.”

A question, Mr. Mach, how many guns do you suppose were present and on the person of legal authorities at the Boston bombing?

No matter how many handguns were there, it did nothing to stop the bombing, so the handguns you so lovingly espouse did nothing to deter the bombers.

If you read newspapers or received your news from any other source than Fox Fables and Fairytales, you might also know that restricting Americans from legal gun purchases had nothing to do with the laws that the Democratic Party was trying to pass.

They were trying to constrain the sale of assault rifles, multi-bullet clips and bring about tougher registration laws as well as clamping down on no registration at gun shows.

You say “leftists fear a growing movement where people are grounded in sound principles and not swayed by political jargon.” What would you classify your letter, with all of its inaccuracies, as but political jargon?

I did label some writers as the lunatic fringe of the tea party crackpots.

Your letter is living proof that you belong in that classification

John Nance Garner,