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Letters to the editor, May 30

Slippery slope

The compromise gun control bill, expanding background checks, which Larry Beck touts [DRC, April 26] as not violating Second Amendment Rights is, in fact, a slippery slope toward superseding Public Law 103-1599.

Section 103 (I), regarding the National Instant Background Check System, provides that no department, agency or employee of the United States may: 1) require any record generated by the system be recorded or transferred to a facility owned or controlled by the United States; or 2) use the system to establish any system for the registration of firearms, firearm owners, or transactions.

Title I of this alleged no violation of gun rights in section 122 of S. 649 proposes to fix gun checks by requiring individuals selling or giving away a firearm to use a licensed dealer to make the transfer. It also directs the attorney general to issue regulations “requiring a record of transaction” for any such transfers, potentially trumping existing protection against a national firearm’s registry.

In 2010 the Department of Justice (DOJ), prosecuted just 44 cases out of 72, 600 applications that were denied on the basis of false information. If the DOJ prosecutes only .0606 percent of all rejected applications, what good are additional background checks?

Beck taunts that Sen. Ted Cruz’s and Sen. John Cornyn’s opposition to the bill is a sell out to gun lobbyists. In reality, they are preserving our freedoms against an imperial president who has already issued 23 gun-related executive orders.

Bill Lawson,