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Letters to the editor, May 31

You’re next

Since Obama cannot do the “voting present” tactic he used during his state Senate days, he has now switched to the Sergeant Schultz approach of “I know nothing.” Does he really expect us to believe he was not aware of the systematic approach of using the IRS to stop or dismantle conservative groups from organizing?

As for Benghazi, his own people have admitted that he was made aware of the danger before the attack and when it began. But they have also told us that he made no attempt to keep informed while a U.S. ambassador and three others were murdered.

Obama and his administration have shown us that they will stop at nothing to keep power. Both of these scandals have one thing in common. It was to get him re-elected.

To keep power, he needed to stop conservatives from what they accomplished in 2010. He also needed to keep their fantasy narrative going that he had eliminated al-Qaida. Both of these should set off alarm bells for everyone.

These people have openly stated that they have no intention of following the Constitution.

Even though it has been discovered that they have tapped into communications from AP reporters and Fox’s James Rosen, the media has already had another big gulp of Kool-Aid and gotten back on the Obama bus.

Don’t worry, they’ll come for you next.

Hyme Solomon,