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Letters to the editor, June 1

Were is the outrage?

Thank you, Alice Gore, for the honorable mention [DRC, May 16]. You also mentioned that Bubba was in preschool years ago. From the way the two of you talk, I am concerned; was Bubba ever able to graduate from preschool?

To briefly answer your letter, the main reason our economy is only slowly recovering from Bush’s 750,000 job losses a month, is that your GOP congressmen in Washington keep stymieing the recovery. Seems like they would rather destroy an honorable president than care about America and her citizens. Seems like treason against her citizens.

Alice, we are reporting positive job growth every month; guess Fox doesn’t report that.

Another important matter: Darrell Issa, a very rich and somewhat powerful Republican congressman, is leading nine hearings so far on Benghazi. He stated on Face the Nation on May 12 that Hillary Clinton was not the target, that President Obama was not the target.

Darrell is a lying “Southern old boy.” About two years ago, Issa stated that he would conduct hearings on President Obama every week. More evidence of mere sick intent to destroy, rather than working in Congress for you. More obstructionist treason.

It was the Republicans who cut $330 million from embassy security for 2012.

During Bush’s administration, there were 54 attempts on our diplomats including 13 deaths, only three hearings total, and absolutely no outrage from Fox or Republicans. Didn’t hear any outrage about that from either Bubba or you, Alice.

Jim Stodola,