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Letters to the editor, June 2

Uneasy feelings

We fed them. “They arrived in the U.S. in 2002. With four children, they qualified for food stamps and were on and off public assistance. ...” [DRC, April 29].

They migrated to our shores, began feeding at the welfare trough, the mother allegedly engaged in shoplifting, and the males allegedly “thanked us” in Boston?

Where did the suspected Boston bombers get their money? After watching the news, one is left with one lingering question untouched by the media. How did they pay their bills?

Boston is a very expensive place to live. The older brother was a father. Babies aren’t cheap. College is expensive. The younger one reportedly bought a new Camaro in March. Never heard that either had a job. So where did their money come from?

Lots of uneasy feelings about this mess. Follow the money?

How many of us have been dared — and even double-dog dared — to cross a line someone drew in the dirt? And how many of us have crossed that line, only to have the nincompoop draw another line — and again issue the challenge to cross? At some point you ignore the challenge.

The United States has issued the existence of red lines (the bully’s line in the dirt) to North Korea, Iran and Syria. Those red lines have been violated more than once.

In the case of Iran, the line has deteriorated to where it seems nearly impossible to stop it from putting a missile under one or more nuclear devices — and incinerating Israel.

Larry Jambor,