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Letters to the editor, June 3

Bush’s legacy

The new George W. Bush Presidential Library is dedicated to presenting Bush’s legacy in a favorable light. I have trouble with a favorable view for the following reasons:

1. In August 2001, he was presented with a memo titled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.” He did nothing about the memo, making prevention of 9/11 less possible.

2. He started a bloody, costly and unnecessary war in Iraq and then botched the occupation. As a result, Iraq is less stable and Iran’s power in the region has increased greatly.

3. His unfunded wars and Medicare prescription drug program, combined with unaffordable tax cuts primarily for the rich, built a $1 trillion annual deficit into the governmen’s budget.

4. He has admitted that he authorized an interrogation technique (that is, water boarding) that has always been a crime under U.S. law, resulting in the imprisonment of U.S. citizens in the past.

My opinion is not favorable, but history will be the final judge of Bush’s legacy.

Bob Michaelsen,