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Letters to the editor, June 4

Chicago way

We know President Obama is a child of Chicago politics.

We know the Chicago way of politics is to reward “friends,” those who go along, even jerks, and crush “enemies,” those who don’t go along, even decent people.

We know President Obama told supporters to think in terms of “we’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends. …”

We know the Obama Justice Department violated its own rules dealing with The Associated Press, which didn’t go along. It didn’t hold a story an extra day to give the administration the glory of releasing the story itself.

We know that journalist Bob Woodward helped bring down Nixon, partly because Nixon had an “enemies list.”

We know Woodward felt threatened by the Obama administration when he was told he would “regret” a story that didn’t go along with the administration line. Not going along put him with enemies.

We know the IRS targeted tea party and other conservative organizations (enemies) and favored friends (like President Obama’s half-brother).

We know other federal departments and agencies also harassed conservative groups (enemies).

It makes no difference whether President Obama or top administrators specifically asked these departments, agencies and operatives to use the Chicago way. He and his people created an atmosphere in federal government where those who do not go along are enemies to be punished, and those who do (crony capitalists, for example) are rewarded.

Do Americans really want to live in a country where the Chicago way rules openly?

Lee Nahrgang,