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Letters to the editor, June 5

Where is your heart?

As per the article about historic building owners put on notice [DRC, May 26]: City of Denton, where is your heart and decency?

You are driving nails in Mr. Normile’s coffin. He is a 90-year-old gentleman who doesn’t need your money. His business and longtime friends keep him alive.

Someone needs to write a book about the Travelstead building and the stories. Weldon’s Saddle Shop and Western Wear store is part of the history. Did you know that his folks had a successful business across the street from his store several years ago? A blacksmith and machine shop were where Weldon’s store is now.

City Council, please reconsider or put the condemning of Denton’s history on hold for awhile.

Fine residents of Denton, don’t you think for the time being the millions of dollars earmarked for the modernization of East Hickory Street could be better spent on improving our worn-out streets? Bell Avenue, the primary street to Texas Woman’s University, is a disgrace to Denton and the university.

Tillman Uland,