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Letters to the editor, June 6

Time to save America

Residents complain about how good or bad our roads are and how we need better representation in our local government to make our county better in many respects.

We recently had a chance to vote for new county/city leaders, and members of school boards, and in some areas about our property — to remain the same or be annexed to become part of a city so you can pay more taxes.

When the time comes up to elect someone who may help you and your freedom, you should vote for them. This past chance to vote had a very low turnout, so if you failed to vote, you have no complaint.

We are now looking forward to a mid-year vote, which will truly set the stage for the major vote in 2016. Regardless of your political views, you should stand up and vote for the individuals who will improve our government.

Getting to know the potential candidate and to vote for him or her should be an honor and not be guided about how many food stamps may be sent to you, or how many free phones you may get. You should stop and think about your children and grandchildren and how your vote will affect them in the future.

To vote is an honor, so plan ahead and make sure you are part of the turnout to save the freedom of our nation. It is now time to save America and keep America strong, which will truly help in saving the world.

Ray Roberts,