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Letters to the editor, June 7

Honor Flight acknowledgment

Evidently, the editor is unaware of the great work being done by the Honor Flight group in the Dallas area.

I was fortunate enough to be chosen to spend a couple of days in Washington, D.C., to view many of the war monuments there including, of course, the World War II Memorial.

The Honor Flight Committee is sending three groups to the nation’s capital this spring. They will send another group in the fall. They treat the vets to an all-inclusive visit not costing the vets one red cent.

The Honor Flight committee should be acknowledged for their generosity.

Norman May,


Save the wildflowers

Denton code enforcement is not helping those in Denton who grow bluebonnets, Texas primroses, sunflowers and other native plants in their yards.

These beauties would not appear every spring if they are mowed before they go to seed.

Old “Silk Stocking Row” has a number of these lawns, as do Camellia and other “flower” streets in Denton.

If you’ve enjoyed driving by these, urge the city not to levy fines on their owners.

Dolores Vann,