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Letters to the editor, June 12

Address actual points

It would be nice if Bill Lawson, when attacking me, (DRC, May 30) would address the actual points I make rather than submitting to theatrics and redirecting the argument to some straw man.

The recent compromise bill that attempted to implement some sane measures to prevent firearms being sold to people with a criminal background or a history of mental instability had nothing in it that would have violated any existing law as he suggests, much less violate anyone’s Second Amendment rights. Contrary to the hysterics of many gun advocates, I challenge him to show us where any efforts out of Congress or the White House threaten to take away the guns of those already owned by law-abiding citizens

To suggest as he does, too, that senators Cruz and Cornyn are above reproach from being influenced by special corporate interests, I would ask him to explain how the recent vote of these two senators who opposed an amendment to the 2013 Farm Bill that would have guaranteed states the right to enact mandatory GMO (genetically modified organism) labeling laws fits into his idealized view about them “preserving our freedoms against an imperial president.”

They voted against gun legislation that a strong majority of Americans supported, many of them Texans, and are now telling us they won’t allow our state representatives to inform consumers about what’s being added to our food supply. Exactly whose freedoms are they preserving here, Mr. Lawson?

Larry Beck,