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Letters to the editor, June 13

Retain city’s character

Thank you for the editorial urging respect from the city for the owners of the old buildings on East Hickory Street targeted in a recent code enforcement juggernaut.

Barney’s Auto Parts, like Travelstead until its January closing, is a Denton institution, as is its owner, Jimmy Normile. Over the years, Jimmy has told anyone interested all sorts of stories about Denton back when it was a small town; the building undoubtedly has its own stories to tell.

Denton today is a small city that aspires to be a great one. But a great city, of whatever size, doesn’t contain only the shiny, the flashy, the new; a great city leaves room for — and values — its old, funky buildings, the things that give it character.

When Barney’s is gone and the only businesses on East Hickory are glossy restaurants and glitzy shops, Denton will have lost something irreplaceable and no architect or designer or amount of money can bring it back.

Bonnie Lovell,