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Letters to the editor, June 16

Leftist actions

It’s typical for pinkos to cut quotes, to conform to their conniving narrative, as John Garner did [DRC, May 29].

My intact statement: Have you ever wondered, in this time with Islamic terrorists killing Americans and seeking more soft targets, why are Dems and their useful idiots trying to restrict Americans from legal gun purchases “and further weaken immigration laws?”

Millions of people each year from around the world love to peacefully live and work in America.

So, why are those from hostile countries (Chechnya, Saudi Arabia, etc.) allowed to enter the USA; our hospitality has been taken advantage of and thousands of Americans have been massacred. The oldest alleged Chechen bomber of Boston was on the FBI’s watch list but was still able to train with known jihadists and fly in and out of the USA.

We still have a tremendous security problem, even after 911.

Judging by the left’s actions, do they seem to care?

An informative letter by Bill Lawson [DRC, May 30] explains why citizens must protect their amendments and cannot trust Obama and his turncoats.

The left often attacks those who expose their corruption.

So, we ask John to explain, what “fairytales by Fox News” is he talking about?

State proof and sources.

Why do socialist dolts deride constitutional organizations like the tea party, but believe groups such as Muslim Brotherhood, ACORN and Planned Parenthood are copacetic?

We know Mr. Garner has no problem maligning people, but will he try to rationalize his deranged mutterings?

Eric Mach,