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Letters to the editor, June 17

Time for change

The people of this nation have been deceived by mendacious politicians from both parties and this administration. Scandals by all, are ripe with disinformation and lies.

The blame now lies entirely with government and the people who were elected to protect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. None of which are being honored due to the intrusion into and tearing apart of the First, Second and Fourth amendments.

It’s time the people of America realized the very people we trusted to protect and defend the Constitution are the same ones now denying it to us.

I find that unimaginable and heartbreaking.

My liberties and freedoms are mine and yours, and I want to keep them. Our forefathers gave us this gift, and if we don’t do something to protect it, our very future will change dramatically, and tyranny will be the result. I’m not ready to accept that — are you?

Let’s be aware of what is at stake, and realize that if we don’t act accordingly, to protect what is still ours, at least for now, by notifying each and every Congress person of how we feel about our rights and freedoms, with the desire to keep them honored and protected, we may not have a country much longer.

I’m truly afraid for my nation and what it has been for me as an American up to now.

I no longer trust the mendacity and unconcern for each of us by this government. It must change for the better.

Jack Cox,