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Letters to the editor, June 18

Put big boy pants on

Bubba called. Said just to clear up the security budget issue for Benghazi: State Department employees told Congress there was ample money budgeted for Benghazi — just that “local” security was hired instead of bringing in any U.S. guards. These local security guys fled when the fighting started.

Glad you liberals have Republicans to blame for everything that’s gone wrong. You don’t have the backbone to admit the errors made by this president. Get your big boy pants on and try living in “Realville” for a change.

America is turning into a banana republic with this administration throwing the rule of law and our Constitution “under the bus” as demonstrated by the recent scandals. Thomas Drake, NSA whistleblower on wasteful spending, calls this administration “soft tyranny” (Huckabee, Fox, June 1).

Judge Judy on Fox (June 1) says that Eric Holder should be charged with multiple crimes starting with the pardon of Mark Rich back in the Clinton days and on up through the current lying to Congress, his part in “Fast & Furious” and targeting reporters in The Associated Press and Fox News. Did you notice when the press runs stories favorable to this administration, it takes no action even if the press has violated classified material regulations? Hum?

Go back and read Dr. Walter E. Williams’ column on May 23 in the DRC regarding rabid environmentalists and check out the “Leftists and Islamists” piece written by Weylan Deaver of the Church of Christ on Sherman Drive [DRC, 5-29]. Good reading.

Alice Gore,