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Letters to the editor, June 20

Concerns for the future

We vote for our freedom, support our Constitution and pray for our children’s future. We have had a wonderful country and government, until this past six years. Now, there are concerns about what we have and what we can expect to receive in the future. They include:

Obama health care being forced on us will increase our costs and reduce medical support.

Obama wants your guns and at the same time there are reports of massive purchases of ammunition by Homeland Security.

The IRS is wasting funds and overcharging citizens. Sen. Cruz is seeking to abolish the IRS and create an honest system.

The National Security Agency is creating spy projects to keep tabs on everything Americans do.

Attorney General Holder and his lies to Congress, as well as the “Fast and Furious” weapons scandal.

lies to Americans about Benghazi and how our ambassador and his helpers were murdered

Obama is buying Russian helicopters to give to Afghanistan. Why not American companies?

a massive Islamic mosque in Maryland

giving millions of our tax dollars to countries such as Egypt and Libya

massive debt for the U.S. in trillions of dollars.

Obama’s dream to approve illegal aliens for citizenship in the U.S.

massive welfare for anyone who does not want to work …food stamps, phones and money

constant violation of parts of our Constitution

We receive constant lies from our government, and many are using the word “impeach.” Where do we go next?

Give strong consideration for your vote on this mid-term election and then the final vote in 2016.

Ray Roberts,