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Letters to the editor, June 21

Cold War II?

Interesting. Our military’s budget gets severely cut, yet monies and other assets will be spent to arm suspect groups in Syria — groups reportedly that include factions that are radically anti-American? (“Obama to step up military support of rebels,” DRC, June 14).

Did we learn anything at all from Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and Libya? Has the U.S. won a war since the defeat of the Axis powers in World War II?

After that, we have seemingly not had the will to let our military do what it had been trained to do — go in, be disagreeable, break things, have the other side say “uncle” and leave. To get an unconditional surrender — quickly!

Do we have some “new best friends?” Will this “aid” eventually be used against Israel?

Is it the Cold War all over again? This time around, Russia backs the Syrian government; the U.S. funds the other side?

But who are the good guys and who are the bad?

Our batting average lately has not been that good. This move will back the groups who are butchering Shiites and Alawites — saying “the homes of the infidel Shiites were burned.”

Just think, if Shiites are considered infidels by the Sunnis — what are we?

Larry Jambor,