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Letters to the editor, June 23

Think hard

Those who left England looking for freedom came to North America. They found it. Others followed because of this freedom.

This country enjoys the greatest freedom any country has ever had in the history of mankind. We have had to fight off those who wanted to control us and take our freedoms away.

Our current leaders in Washington want to take our freedom away and give it to those who want to take it from us.

So when the question of which is best, freedom or security, freedom is the only choice. Freedom creates security by being able to fight off oppression and help others do the same thing.

There is really only one thing that gives our military the will to fight and win. Freedom is what drives their spirit. I think that fighting to keep one’s freedom is stronger than fighting to achieve it.

Our Constitution was written with one word in mind — freedom.

The Second Amendment to our Constitution is the tool by which our freedom was won and the only way it will be sustained.

Think hard and make your choice.

James Penton,