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Letters to the editor, June 24

Prevent fires

Cousin Gomer called and said they just got back from Colorado. Gomer said that fires are burning up the country in Colorado and New Mexico.

Gomer calls me Ern.

He said, “Ern, why don’t you have your newspaper, the Denton Record-Chronicle, contact the Higher Authority and suggest fire prevention. It should be a lot cheaper than fighting fires.

“Ern, wasn’t it Franklin Delano Roosevelt who started the Soil Conservation Corps (CCs) in the Great Depression to put people to work and conserve our natural resources? Fire prevention would come under saving our natural resources and put people to work.

“Ern, the last report I heard was more than 500 homes destroyed and millions of dollars in damage.”

Gomer went on to say about all we can do is to pray for all the people who lost their homes and jobs. Don’t you think it is about time to start the CCs again as the wildfires occur every year?

Tillman Uland,