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Letters to the editor, June 26

Hire trustworthy company

I want to congratulate the Denton County Health Department on its approach to the West Nile virus.

I am sensitive to pesticides and was concerned when Pilot Point and Aubrey opted for aerial spraying in 2012. The county website provided a map that showed the areas that would be sprayed. I was relieved when I saw my residence was outside the spray area.

Much to my dismay, a plane flew over my house spraying pesticides. I had an immediate strong adverse reaction. It has been documented that pyrethroids can adversely affect the central nervous system.

The morning after the first spray, I found dead honeybees in my horses’ water containers. Their pastures. which were a couple of miles away, were also outside the designated spray zone. Both had dying grasshoppers and crickets. That large insects were dying meant more spray and larger droplets had been used than are necessary to kill mosquitoes. My neighbors and friends were concerned that their properties had been sprayed without warning.

I obtained results for aerial spraying done by Clarke Mosquito/Dynamic Aviation on Aug. 31, 2012, from the Denton County Health Department. The results showed that where I lived and where my horses were had been sprayed. The point of this letter is that if aerial spraying is needed, the company must be trustworthy so that citizens are not sprayed without warning.

Most important is that each person needs to take responsibility to protect himself/herself. Catnip is a better, safer and cheaper mosquito repellant than DEET.

Susan Cook,
Pilot Point