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Letters to the editor, June 27

Fox fairy tales

Eric Mach [DRC, June 16], you did not mention and you will not take note of the answer I gave concerning the first part of your so-called “intact statement.”

The last part “and further weaken immigration laws” is so meaningless that I did not waste my time addressing it. Exactly what immigration laws are you talking about?

You mentioned ACORN as one of the organizations “that socialist dolts believe.” With Fox as your only news source, that explains the reason why you had no knowledge that ACORN is now a defunct organization and has been since Nov. 2, 2010, when it filed for Chapter 7 liquidation on that date.

Not knowing or leaving out certain news stories is one reason I am talking about Fox fairy tales.

Another quick example would be an Ann Coulter remark on Fox News, “Obama doesn’t take terrorism seriously.”

So what happened to Osama bin Laden and all the al-Qaida and Taliban leaders killed on President Obama’s watch? Most rational people would think he takes it pretty seriously.

I could fill several pages with similar lies and mistakes by Fox News. The Opinion Page does not allow sufficient space for such a task.

Just your failure to not know that ACORN has been nonexistent for three years and Ann Coulter’s stupidity for her remark on Fox are only two but far from the only reasons I imply and rightly so; that Fox is the home of fairy tales and fables.

John Nance Garner,