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Letters to the editor, June 29

Return to freedom

I want to thank Alice Gore and a few citizens for common sense.

It has been a hard six years under a president who is driving to destroy our freedom. The American people will survive and work to keep our freedom and Constitution.

President Obama has used the excuse over and over in an effort to blame former President Bush for Obama’s mistakes. Obama is Chicago-trained, using the world’s worse thugs and rotten politician traits to create means to destroy our nation.

It is hard to understand that his administration has pulled in the worse political members, who call themselves Democrats, but who are not truly in favor of our nation. They have let this president hire some of the most radical people of the world to be on his staff.

Seeking votes, he has used every radical method possible — food stamps, free phones, welfare donations — which has created a large part of our nation that refuses to work.

He has wasted trillions of our tax dollars for his constant campaign ventures, vacations, golf games, White House radical parties and his lack of ability to work as a leader.

We have many good Democrats, and a small amount of press, who understand and will work to correct his wasteful direction.

We also have good Republicans, and actually a few misguided Republicans who will eventually wake up and return to seeking the freedom that we have worked for and must retain.

Obama’s destruction must be stopped, and we must return to freedom for America.

Ray Roberts,