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Letters to the editor, June 30

Revealing actions

In Germany in the late 1930s and the early 1940s, many members of the military were complicit in the inhumane treatment of Jews, gays, Catholics and others. They pleaded innocence because they were just “following orders.” They were summarily prosecuted and severely punished.

Now it seems that a similar attitude has permeated the culture of today’s U.S. government.

We get glimpses of the apparent criminality through the chinks in the armor a few whistle-blowers who are brave enough to risk it all — their careers, their freedom and their future — to pry the morass open for us.

Just look at what has been revealed about the ATF, State Department, FBI, CIA, NSA and IRS.

But even under the protection of the so-called whistle-blower law, all of the patriotic government employees who have stepped forward have had their careers, their honor, their fortunes and their lives in general ground under by the full weight and power of the federal government.

This all seems beyond Orwellian. Who should we believe? What have we lost?

Larry Jambor,