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Letters to the editor, July 2

Power reigns supreme

Jenna Duncan reported in your front page story of June 19 that the Texas Woman’s University Board of Regents has voted unanimously to demolish the existing University House, the traditional residence of the head of the university. The budgeted amount for the replacement residence is $500,000.

Once again, power and privilege reign supreme. While TWU’s tuition and fees continue to skyrocket, while the homeless are sleeping in the streets and fields, and while families are struggling to clothe their children, the next president of TWU needs a brand-new home next to the golf course.

A huge salary and tons of benefits are not enough, the next president needs a totally new state-of-the art dwelling. Is the Board of Regents more interested in the next president of TWU than in the welfare of TWU students?

Martin Kemplin,


Texas heroine

State Sen. Wendy Davis is a heroine. She bravely fought and won an important battle in the long war for equality for women as she filibustered the abortion bill in the Texas Senate. Her courage and determination to continue standing and speaking through fatigue and physical pain is a testimony to the human spirit.

Her stand is a direct refutation of the redneck, male-chauvinist adage that the way to control a woman is to keep her pregnant and bare-footed. It is also related to the continuing struggle for equal pay for equal work for women.

There is an even more desperate struggle for women’s rights in the Muslim world.

I recommend that anyone interested read Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. This is a stark account of a young woman’s efforts to break free from the strictures imposed on Muslim women. The most horrific aspect is the barbaric practice of female circumcision.

T. Jervis Underwood,
Oak Point