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Letters to the editor, July 4

Guaranteed defeat

The Denton Central Appraisal District sets your property value and ultimately the taxes you pay. If you object, you can go before the Appraisal Review Board (ARB) that, according to the district’s appraisal notice: “... is an independent panel of citizens responsible for hearing property protests.”

These steps will guarantee your ARB hearing defeat:

1. Point out that members of the ARB are not independent; they are hired by the district, paid by the district and, therefore, must represent the district.

2. When the district flashes pictures of your property versus those of other properties on a giant Cinemax screen, question the waste of taxpayers’ time and money for an expensive setup signifying nothing.

3. Question how they can compare your $125,000 hovel with a $700,000 castle without any charts, graphs and formulae and simply hide behind doublespeak such as “similar comps.”

4. When the district representative says they don’t use an evaluation method that you have positive, written proof that the appraiser used on some of your other properties the week before, point out that he is either badly misinformed or a liar.

The ARB chairperson will promptly say, “You have a bad attitude,” and concur with the district’s appraised value.

“Now, students, can you spell ‘kangaroo?’”

John Thorngren,
Shady Shores