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Letters to the editor, July 6

238 years ago

Americans “marched to the sound of the guns” 238 years ago to start a unique event in world history — a people who seized liberty by force and kept it. The first shots fired in the revolution were at Lexington on April 19, 1775.

We are privileged to be part of that grand experiment. Rights, recognized as God-given, were guaranteed with the blood, the honor and the fortunes of those patriots. Since then, there have been many challenges, and attempts at conquest and elimination, that were met with force.

Each July we commemorate and celebrate the sacrifices and success of those brave people.

Americans have fought to preserve liberty. Generations have stepped up, and many have given their all. Some have come home with physical mutilations, some returned with varying degrees of psychosis and others have been brought back under the mantle of Old Glory.

Heroes continue to be called. They go to sleep cradling weapons. Their bed is a hole in the sand they dug with a small shovel. They continue fighting, living and dying with honor.

Do we take for granted what those brave men and women fought for, bled for and even died for? Do we still have the freedom of attending whatever church we want? Can we still criticize our government’s officials, including the president?

It is only possible if we, as a nation, continue to defend our freedoms — against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Pray for those whose God-given rights are subjugated by tyrants.

Larry Jambor,