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Letters to the editor, July 8

More at stake

There is something that liberals and moderates do not understand. Those of us who oppose abortion do so for one simple reason: We think it’s tantamount to murder.

[Sen. Wendy] Davis obviously does not. But there is more at stake here than a difference of opinion. Millions of girls, many potentially as bright and talented as she, have been killed in the last 40 years by those who share her opinion.

We would stop the killing, but if we can’t, then, as [Gov. Rick] Perry says, we don’t want to make it easy for the abortionists. Why should any woman be put to the slightest risk by men who, after all, are killers for hire, employed by an organization — Planned Parenthood most often — whose primary purpose is not women’s health but population control.

They are free to do what they do, but make them pay for it. No taxpayer money, no two-bit clinics. May they pay.

John Schuh,
Lake Dallas