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Letters to the editor, July 9

Laughing at us

Always entertaining to read John Nance Garner try and defend our bumbling, incompetent president [DRC, June 27]. John carefully pulls the one arrow from an otherwise empty quiver. He aims and shoots.

President Obama killed Osama bin Laden. So he did, John, and I thank God that Obama was able to make the no-other-choice decision correctly.

Kudos are also granted for other major enemy names that he has dispatched. Praise the Lord that Seal Team 6 killed bin Laden or we’d have the equally incompetent Attorney General Holder trying to bring him to trial in New York City.

There seems no limit to the effort displayed by these two to achieve something self-aggrandizing that is historically significant.

More entertaining currently is watching the astounding arrogance of this president. His entire administration is wailing about the destructive and dangerous treachery of Edward Snowden.

Meanwhile, Obama is stating that it is beneath his station to spend time worrying about a 29-year-old hacker.

Then he belittles the presidents of China and Russia by suggesting speaking to them on a matter this inconsequential would be unnecessary.

They should know what to do on their own.

Furthermore, he is much too busy as he calmly strolls forward on his African vacation. The world is laughing at us, not with us, Mr. President.

Paul Davis,
Lake Dallas


Saying ‘no’ not enough

If you believe in and actively support increased restriction of the availability of abortion, will you also believe in and actively support the following:

Increased availability of family planning and health services for all residents of Texas.

Increased comprehensive and realistic sex education in our schools.

Since an unwanted child is often at risk for abuse and neglect, there is a need for additional funds for Child Protective Services.

Since dealing with an unplanned pregnancy is an emotionally disturbing situation, there is need for more funding for counseling services for those in this situation.

An unwanted child is in need of a family environment, so there is a need for additional funding to support adoptive and foster home availability.

Support — carrying a child to term is not enough, there is need for financial and emotional support after the birth.

Positive programs in the schools, pre-kindergaren through 12, are important for the child and for the single parent.

I hope that you can say yes to all of these needs. Saying no to abortion availability is not enough.

John Hipple,