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Letters to the editor, July 11

No wonder

The U.S. Postal Service is an independent agency of the federal government, providing postal service to all citizens of America. The Postal Service in 2012 was $15.9 billion in debt. It keeps talking about closing more than 1,000 post offices nationwide, but never seems to get the job done, although it would contribute to lowering the deficit.

If the Postal Service was a private-sector business, the debt would be eliminated and the service could operate at a profit. Instead, people are unhappy with their sloppy service and are turning to other services to send mail and packages.

The Postal Service advertises on television, which is expensive, that employees will come to your home and pick up packages for free. It does not define what it means about coming to your home.

I recently had 10 boxes to send to Montana, which would have been a good sale for the local post office. When I called to get the service, the employees informed me the service could not be scheduled at a certain time, only when they normally deliver my mail. They informed me that they would not pick up any package that weighs more than 13 ounces. The box itself could weigh an ounce or 2, so what one puts in the box could only weigh 10 or 11 ounces. The point is that what the Postal Service spends on TV advertising far outweighs what little service they get for the proposed services.

It’s no wonder the Postal Service is operating at a huge loss.

John Admire,


True intent

Larry Beck’s claim in “Address actual points” that I avoided his actual point demonstrates how the left obscures their true intent. Beck’s claim of “sane measures to prevent firearms from being sold to people with a criminal background” is really an incremental step toward a national gun registry.

We have existing laws that prohibit people with a criminal background from legally obtaining guns, but they are not enforced. In 2010 the Department of Justice prosecuted just 44 cases out of 72, 600 (.0606 percent) rejected applications. Beck’s challenge to show any effort by Obama to take away guns owned by law-abiding citizens is evidenced by Obama’s intent to sign the United Nation’s Arms Treaty. Undermining our Second Amendment rights by omitting the fundamental individual right to keep and bear arms; it also attacks our sovereignty by imposing vague requirements on us and inviting United Nations–led investigations.

His claim that Sen. Cornyn’s and Sen. Cruz’s vote against a farm bill amendment precluding states from mandating genetically modified organisms, or GMO, labeling is a blatant fabrication that was perpetrated by the amendment’s sponsor, avowed socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders.

An unnecessary amendment, as states can currently require such labeling; it put federal pressure on states to require such labeling and mandated an unfunded Department of Agriculture study. In the Democrat-controlled Senate, the amendment was defeated 27-71. Mr. Beck, were all of those Democrat senators who voted against the amendment usurping the freedoms of their constituency as you have accused Sen. Cornyn and Sen. Cruz?

Bill Lawson,


Join the fight

In my worst fears for our country, I never expected that I would witness the first U.S. dictator. Unfortunately for all of us, including liberals, that is what we now have in Obama. He has told the world that he believes that the Constitution is an outdated, confining piece of old paper. Obama has also demonstrated that he has no intention of adhering to it in any manner.

No matter what your personal political bias, his usage of the IRS, EPA and numerous other government offices to spy, harass and destroy his opponents is unprecedented in our modern history. Yes, some politicians have played around the edges in the past, but it was child’s play to what we have now.

How do you feel about the person who administrated the IRS attacks now in charge of your health care at the IRS? I have lost count on how many officials from this administration have taken the Fifth.

In Nazi Germany the compliant press did exactly what the liberal media is doing here. Until he came for them and it was then too late. If any Republican president had done any of these actions, the media would take them apart and I would support it. Freedom is more important than any political party.

You might want to join the fight to save yours; hopefully, it is not too late.

Hyme Solomon,