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Letters to the editor, July 13

Teach the children

I listened to Gov. Perry’s telephone show in support of the passage of the no-abortion-after-20-weeks bill.

How do you pull a time frame out of the air and say you can not abort after this time? Except for the rape, incest or danger to the mother’s life, there should be no abortion.

This abortion business is just another example of our sick crime-infested society. Parents need to start teaching their children that it is wrong to lie, cheat and steal, and that there is a difference between right and wrong. If we will teach a generation in this way, we will be on the way to healing our society.

J.P. Dewell,


Way of the Lord

We all remember one or two particular Christian churches who said they were the only church going to heaven, and the rest of us Christian churches were going somewhere else.

We thought that was ignorant, hateful or both.

Let’s expand on that. How about all of Christianity saying they were the only ones going to heaven, and everyone else was going to hell. That’s just as ignorant and hateful.

Yes, someone is going to respond to me by quoting the Bible. They can quote all day long, but those who only quote don’t know the meaning of the New Testament. That you must be born again in the spirit of Christ, allegory or metaphor, the spirit of Christ is “love.” Only through him, the same thing. The way of the Lord is “love.”

A friend briefly came down from heaven with this message from God. God said you all should take a Jew, a Muslim and an atheist to lunch. That’s the easy part. Now comes the hard part. You must look the Jew, the Muslim and the atheist in the eye and tell each of them that you are sorry that you told them and the rest of the world that you were the only one going to heaven.

Additionally, unlike previous popes, I’ve got some respect for the new pope. Even Pope Francis says atheists can go to heaven. Now, popes can’t always be wrong.

Jim Stodola,