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Letters to the editor, July 15

Rules apply to all

I make several trips into Denton each week. Several months ago the City Council passed an ordinance to protect those who ride bicycles. Vehicles are not to pass any closer than 3 to 6 feet of a bicycle. Signs have been placed and bike lanes have been added.

It was my understanding that those who rode bicycles were to obey local traffic laws set for their protection. Apparently, those who ride bicycles are not aware of this part of the ordinance. I observe riders not stopping for stop signs or signal lights. If a motor vehicle has to stop completely, bicycle riders should also.

I have also observed bikers not using the lane set for them. Some cut across parking lots and into traffic without looking.

If the ordinance states that bike riders are to obey the local and state laws, their punishment should be the same as a motor vehicle. Citations should be issued and fines the same for each law broken.

I am not against those who ride bikes but everyone should have to follow the same rules. It would be nice if the state required a license plate for all adult bike riders to help pay for the signs, bike lanes and bike trails in parks.

Presently there isn’t any revenue from those who now receive these services other than higher property taxes and fees tacked on motor vehicles such as road and bridge fees when vehicle registration comes due. Let’s make road use fair for everyone.

Daniel Christian,