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Letters to the editor, July 18

Lacking in facts

The July 11 DRC published three letters to the editor, two of which seemed to be lacking in certain factual information (the third is one of those mindless rants one does not address).

Mr. Admire seems to be annoyed with the United States Postal Service. I’ve heard people complain about our postal service. I have occasionally got someone else’s mail and either re-address and put back into the mailbox or walk 50 yards down the street and deliver it. I have survived that.

If you have a car or have a friend with a car, I suggest you take your 10 boxes to a post office.

Your taxes are not going to the postal service. It is an independent entity competing with other such entities.

Unlike some entities, the USPS cannot hire people at just under the number of hours when they have to pay benefits. To the contrary, USPS has had to prefund health benefits for retirees since 2006 and apparently you want the agency to compete without advertising?

With respect to the attempt to stop criminals from buying guns, Mr. Lawson, please recognize that many of the people who come to our attention by slaughtering a bunch of people or only their own spouses are not criminals until after they shoot up a theater or vent their displeasure on the cheating husband or nagging wife in the middle of a temper tantrum.

Elinor Johansen,