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Letters to the editor, July 19

Look at candidates

The season has started where candidates are now working to make their impression to create your desire to vote for them. It is the honored duty of all authorized citizens to vote and work toward a better county, state and national government.

Do not sit back and complain if you don’t voice your opinion by way of a short trip in the county to vote.

My start is now since I just completed a three-month assignment to the grand jury. I was able to watch the district attorney and his staff function with three months of problems we faced.

I am convinced that Paul Johnson and his staff are doing an excellent job and he should have a chance at another term as district attorney.

A step higher is that Perry has announced that he will not seek re-election as governor of Texas. Some are coming out but the first announcement was from Tom Pauken. Tom has served many years working to improve the state government. Tom has served our country in Vietnam and then spent years on the Reagan team. With his plans, he will make an excellent governor.

I highly recommend Tom Pauken for governor of Texas.

Time is here to start looking at the ones you feel will work to save our county, state and overall government. Do not delay your plans to vote.

Ray Roberts,