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Letters to the editor, July 20

Help our people

Cousin Gomer from Mayberry called and said he was madder than an old wet hen. Ern (Gomer calls me Ern), he said, our government is going to let the loan companies raise the interest rate on student loans.

Those poor guys are really having a hard time working and going to school and our government is not helping them a bit.

Ern, our government gives money away to foreign governments who want to bury us.

Why in the world don’t we give some of the foreign aid money to our own poor hard-working students?

Gomer is right about us needing to help our own people more.

My wife borrowed student loan money several years ago and is still paying on it. The interest rate has doubled the original loan value.

Why don’t we tell our elected officials to help our people out with some of the foreign aid money?

Tillman E. Uland,